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Baseball Display Cases

Few sports offer Americans a trip down memory lane like baseball. From Little League to World Series, pitching in the park to slogging in the stadium, we all have a story to tell. We all like to share that story, too. As our spouse will attest, we never miss an opportunity to do so.

So what better way to get that conversation started than around your very own memory? Display it up front and centre in a stylish acrylic case, and your prize possession is the icebreaker you've been looking for.

More than memories - a grown up Show and Tell

For the lucky few, they have more than mere memories.

They have the bat that hit the home run in "that season". Rolling about on the desk, there's the ball that zipped over the outfield and into the crowd. Strung over the bedstead, the catcher's mitt. Pinned to the wall perhaps, the cap and the jersey of the superstar who hit that very special home run.

But these trinkets of memorabilia weren't designed to last forever. Those keepsakes, those connections to our personal experience, need protecting. All manner of corrosive agents are waiting to take the shine of your property.

We construct our baseball memorabilia display cases with the highest quality wood. The crystal-clear acrylic lids offer both great protection and unspoilt viewing pleasure. We also offer plain acrylic bases if you can't stand to have the baseball beyond touching distance.

The cases are designed to the highest spec to help keep your keepsake speck-free for years and years to come. You can also order them with your favorite team logos engraved on case itself!

You may also consider upgrading to our museum quality UV protection as well (more info here). Heck, your team went the extra mile. Perhaps you might, too?

Whether you have bat, ball, cap, tickets, jersey, helmet or home-plate (wow, home plate!), we have the case or stand for you. Keep your own, your kid's or your team's memory alive and in mint condition with a display case fitting the achievement.