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Football Display Cases

Football is America's game. And football fans are some of the craziest, yet loyal and dedicated, in the world. But no one needs to tell you that.

You've got the jersey, the hat, the posters, the autographed game balls, the helmets. Your shrine is draped in team flags and pennants. Heck, you even had Drew Brees at your birthday party (OK, maybe not...). But wait, you've got all these things pinned to the wall? For shame! It's time to properly protect and display your prize possessions, game-day style.

The best Football Display Cases

We offer;

  • Football cases
  • Helmet display cases (minis too!)
  • Shoe displays
  • Jersey diplay cases
  • Collectibles and cap cases too!

Years of light, dust and airborne pollutants can permanently harm, discolor, and disfigure your collectibles, depreciating their value and visual awesomeness. At Team Logo Cases, we put protection above all else, while delivering a stunning look that would impress the folks down at the Football Hall of Fame.

Convenience and Quality for the win

Our football jersey cases feature the Snap-Shut system, designed for easy, yet invisible access to your jersey anytime, without compromising protection.

All of our football display cases are made from high-quality hardware and materials solid wood and acrylic. Many of our display cases can be customized to feature your team's color, and every case can be engraved with your team's logo, fully licensed by the NFL. Every display case is also fitted with an engraved name plate where you can add a player's name, a date, your name, or the name of your team. And all these features are included in the price of every case, no extra fees!

So what are you waiting for? Moths, dust and sunlight are slowly having their way with your memorabilia. And besides, how impressive is that Super Bowl game ball when it's sitting on your desk under a smelly T-shirt? It's time your gear got it's game face on!