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Football Display Cases

Football is America's game. And football fans are some of the craziest, yet loyal and dedicated, in the world. But you already know that, right? Darn tootin'!

There's no adrenalin rush quite like the one you feel when you find that special, evocative piece of sports kit. It may be from your team's most historic victory or a game you recall for some other personal reason.

Whether it's an autographed game ball or the jersey of your favorite quarterback: to own that slice of history? There's nothing so special to the avid football fan. If it's "that helmet", we'll spend silly money to get our hands on it. So shouldn't we give it the love it deserves and put it on display where everyone can see it?

No defense necessary - it's an open and shut case

As passionate football fans, we can spot our team's memorabilia from a country mile. As if through some Divine intervention, it seeks us out rather than the other way around.

What we're not so hot at is taking good care of our treasure trove once we get it home.

Team Logo's display cases feature the Snap-Shut system. It's a simple but effective design, allowing discreet, easy access without sacrificing protection.

The materials we use are as sound as your investment should be. The hardware is top quality; the solid wood and acrylic display case as tough as old boots! But we've gone beyond the manufacturing aspect.

We can customize the majority of our cases to compliment the color of your sports memorabilia. And we can engrave all cases with your team's NFL-endorsed logo.

Every display case is also fitted with a name plate upon which you can have a special message engraved. You can add a player's name, a date, your name or the name of your team.

We believe that every display should be as personal to you as the keepsake within it. That's why we don't charge any extra for the engraving. It's all in the price you see here online, as transparent as the cases themselves.

So don't give moths, dust, sunlight or air-borne grease chance to soil your prize possession. It's your pride, your investment. We want to help you to keep it as pristine - or muddy - as the day you bought it.