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Full Size NFL Horizontal Football Wall Mountable Display Case

Wall Mounted NFL Football Display Case

Product Code: NFL-109-CU-P
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Full Size NFL Horizontal Football Wall Mountable Display Case

The best way to view a football is when it is in a horizontal position.  Many people display footballs in an upright position, but a football doesn’t look like a football when it is displayed like that.  It looks like a giant egg.   Why would anyone want their prized football to look like an egg?  It’s a good thing you aren’t like those people because you want to view your football in a natural, horizontal way.  To do that best, you should have a Horizontal Wall Mountable Display Case.

The Full Size NFL Horizontal Football Wall mountable display case will allow you to view your football the right way.  You can’t read the NFL logo or the Commissioner’s signature if the football is not horizontal.  You will be able to inspect every detail of the football as it is held in a case attached to a frame available in wood, mahogany or black finish.  Your football will be protected by a clear acrylic enclosure with your favorite NFL team logo engraved on it.  Each case also comes with a FREE nameplate with the engraving of your choice.

A football is not an egg. It’s a football and it should be displayed like one.  The Horizontal Football Wall Mountable Display Case will do that.       

Inside dimensions are: 11 3/4" Width, 7 3/4" Depth, 6 1/2" Height.

Overall dimensions are: 16 3/4" Width, 9" Depth, 12 3/4" Height.


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