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Floating Mini Helmet Case


Product Code: NFL-104-SC-P
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Floating Mini Helmet Case

Those that aren’t collectors think that a mini football helmet is just a small copy of a full sized helmet.  In reality, a mini football helmet is just as detailed as a full sized football helmet.  There are little intricacies in a mini helmet that a collector treasures.  But most display cases for mini football helmets don’t allow a person to get a full view of a helmet in order to closely inspect it.  The Floating Mini Helmet Display Case will allow you or anyone else to inspect all of the features of your mini football helmet.

Through its revolutionary design, the Floating Mini Helmet Display Case gives the illusion that your mini helmet is suspended in mid air.   Each case allows one mini football helmet to be displayed floating atop a black acrylic base.  To keep out dust and dirt, your mini football helmet will be protected by a clear acrylic enclosure with your favorite NFL team logo engraved on the front.  A FREE nameplate with the engraving of your choice is also included.       

Anyone that sees this display case will spend hours trying to figure out how your mini football is able to float in mid air.  Only you will know how the illusion is created. 

Overall Measurements Are; 8 3/4" Wide x 8" Deep x 9 3/4" Height.



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